Thursday, September 1, 2011

DIY: painted chevron rug

For my new apartment kitchen, I bought a boring brown rug from from WalMart
for a whopping $13 and spiced it up with a metallic gold chevron stripe pattern!
I love it!
Here's how I did it (inspired by this tutorial):

1. I started by measuring out 7" lines to act as the top and bottom of each individual stripe.
2. Next I cut tons of 6" strips of tape.
3. Then I used a paper triangle as a stencil to measure out the angle for each strip
of tape, placing the top and bottom along the 7" boundary lines and the sides
against the triangle stencil
 (I chose to leave the border bare so that it would be painted gold).
4. Repeat!
5. Repeat!
6. Repeat!
7. When all is taped off, spray paint the exposed areas.
8. Let dry and pull off the tape! Tah-dah!

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